Friday, August 26, 2016

Profusion: The New Trendsetter Brows Review

Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows is an eyebrow kit that features everything you need to keep brows well groomed.


I'm all about keeping my brows looking nice and well groomed, so I was excited to see that this all-in-one eyebrow kit was inside of my Profusion Beauty Insider Box. The packaging is really nice, and I love that everything you need to groom and maintain your #eyebrowsonfleek is easily accessible and kept nicely intact inside the kit.

*Sent for review via the Profusion Insider Program

The Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows includes eyebrow wax, eyebrow highlighter shades, brow powders, stencils, tools, and a dual ended brow pencil. I think this set is great for makeup beginners, beauty lovers, and freelance makeup artist. If you're a freelance makeup artist, you will definitely appreciate the fact that the brow powders included come in a variety of colors, for different skin tones, or hair shades. Or if you just love experimenting with different looks, you will appreciate the different brow powder shades.

The brow powders are highly saturated in color, and have a nice smooth texture. When swatched on the hands they apply really nicely, and they don't look powdery at all. There was one color on the top row in the deep brown shade that applied a bit patchy, but I find that it's nothing you can't fix. You can just build up the color if you like. I love how easy it is to apply the powders since Profusion included a spooly, and a duo ended slanted brow brush. They apply, and blend beautifully.

One thing I would of liked for Profusion to add is to name the shades of the brow powders, that way it's easier to describe each color. (Below you will see swatches with a description of the color, hopefully I did a good job describing lol).

Moving on to the dual ended brow pencil, it is one of my favorite products in this kit. The dual ended brow pencil is super creamy, and very pigmented. You can easily fill in your brows, or create a brow with the brow pencil.

The highlighters in the Profusion Brows kit come in two shades, and I prefer the lighter champagne shade to highlight my brow bone. It also acts as a multi-tasking product since you can also highlight the inner corner of your eyes, to make eyes pop.


The eyebrow stencils in this kit are awesome! I really like them because they are made of a sturdy plastic, not cheap or thin. I also like that they come in a variety of brow shapes, so that you can easily fill in your brows. Moving on, Profusion also included an eyebrow gel. It's a really nice mini that you can pop in your purse. The only down side to it is that although it holds my brow hairs in place, it just makes them look to shiny. I'm not a fan of that look, but if you are then I know you won't mind it.

Overall thoughts:

I'm a fan of the Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows kit. I love the brow powders, highlighters, dual ended pencil, and all the tools provided in the kit. I highly recommend it to anyone that's on a budget and doesn't want to spend $40 on a similar kit.

My rating:

5 out of 5 stars


The Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows kit retails for $12.50 and is available for purchase on the profusion online store

What are your thoughts on the Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows?

                          *Sent for review via the Profusion Insider Program. Opinions shared are honest, and my own.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ulta Beauty Haul: YouTube Video

Last week I took advantage of Ulta's flash sale, and picked up a couple of products that I've been eyeing for a while. I usually don't splurge on higher end makeup, so this was my time to grab Urban Decay's Vice Ltd Reloaded on sale for $35 (actual retail value is $56) I also received some free gifts with purchase, and I share all the deets of my haul in my latest YouTube video. I hope  that you enjoy watching!

Monday, August 22, 2016

e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub Review

e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub is a paraben free scrub that helps polish away dull skin for beautiful radiant skin.

My thoughts:

Skin care is very important to me, and when I saw that e.l.f. Cosmetics released a new skin care line I knew I wanted to try it. I wanted to start off with a product that I know I will use on a weekly basis, and because I love skin care products that help brighten and help minimize the look of pores, I decided to purchase the exfoliating scrub.

I use the e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub twice a week, but before I tell you about my results lets talk about how nice the packaging is. I love the aqua blue color, plus it's a nice squeezable tube that doesn't cause any mess.

The e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub has a lovely scent of apricot that's similar to a very popular drugstore brand of scrub, but without it being too strong. Once you squeeze the tube you will notice the exfoliating beads that look like sand. It's actually walnut shell which you will see it listed on the back of the packing it comes with (not the tube) as Juglans Regia.

When you apply the scrub to your face it has a rich, creamy texture almost like clay. I really like that once I apply it to my face, it instantly exfoliates my skin without being too harsh. I love how smooth, and soft my skin feels. I also noticed that my skin looked more brighter. Unlike other facial scrubs I've tried, the e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub did not make my skin feel tight, or dry. My skin also felt very moisturized.

e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub is also infused with some pretty nice good for you ingredients like purified water, and vitamin E. I'm very impressed with the scrub that I want to try more skin care products from their line. Plus it's so affordable that anyone can get their hands on it. The e.l.f Exfoliating Scrub retails for $6 at Ulta dot com and e.l.f. 's website eyeslipsface dot com

What do you think of the e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub?

Tokyo Milk: Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm

The Tokyo Milk Rosewater Lip Balm is a deliciously sugared lip balm infused with notes of rosewater and apple blossom that help nourish, and hydrate your lips. 

My thoughts:

Last year when I was a Birchbox subscriber I was so anxious to use up my points. So, the only thing that caught my eye is the Tokyo Milk Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm. I just thought the packaging was so cute, but reading the ingredients list made me redeem my points, especially because this was the first time I ever heard of Tokyo Milk.

The Tokyo Milk Lip Balm is the priciest lip balm I own since it retails for $10, it's also the prettiest I own. The lip balm is housed inside of a beautifully packaged box that also includes a lovely poem from Alfred Lord Tennyson. The packaging is so unique that I don't want to throw it away.

What's more important than the packaging is the actual lip balm. Well, I'm happy to say that the scent is absolutely lovely. You'd think that a beauty product that's infused with rosewater will have a strong scent, but not this one. It's formulated with just the right amount of rosewater, and it has a sweet taste to it that I definitely appreciate. I love that the Tokyo Milk Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm is also formulated with vitamin E, aloe vera, and sunflower seed oil.

These natural good for you ingredients work together to nourish, and hydrate your lips. Plus your lips will feel super soft, and very kissable. After applying I noticed that my peeled skin on my lips (from applying too many drying matte liquid lipsticks) began to heal fast. That's also due to the fact that the Tokyo Milk Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm is also made with beeswax. My lips looked less dry, and felt smooth. I'm so obsessed with this lip balm, that I even use it to prep my lips before applying any other lip products. I also use it every night to keep my lips hydrated.

Although I'm a huge fan of rosewater some beauty lovers will prefer another flavor. I'm happy to tell you that the Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balm also comes in other delicious flavors like:
  1. Let Them Eat Cake
  2. Honey Blossom
  3. Cherry Bomb
  4. Candied Violette
    I don't know about you, but Let Them Eat Cake sounds like a really yummy one lol. I really like the Tokyo Milk Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm, and will definitely try another flavor, and more products from the Tokyo Milk brand.


    The Tokyo Milk Rosewater Bon Bon Lip Balm retails for $10 is available for purchase on Birchbox dot com and Tokyo Milk online store.

    What is your favorite Tokyo Milk Bon Bon Lip Balm flavor?

    Reviva Labs: Skin Lightener And Brown Spot Fade Cream Review

    Reviva Labs Skin Lightener & Brown Spot Fade Creams are two skin care products that are formulated with Kojic Acid that help brighten, and fade dark spots.

    My thoughts Skin Lightener For Day:

    The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day is the perfect fade cream because it's infused with natural ingredients like mulberry, lime, and kojic acid. These ingredients work together to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, and other skin discolorations. The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day is also safe to use when you go out or experience sun exposure since it's formulated with SPF 15 that helps by protecting your skin from darkening even more. I absolutely love it because not only does it help lighten my melasma, it also moisturizes my skin and helps keep it feeling soft, and hydrated. I've noticed that my skin looks so much brighter, and more even.

    My thoughts Brown Spot Night Cream:

    Same as the Skin Lightener For Day, the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night Cream help reduce the look of brown spots, and skin discolorations. It's also the perfect night cream because it has a rich texture, and I wake up with supple skin. The only difference between the two creams is that the Brown Spot Night Cream does not have SPF 15, and is only recommended for use at night to balance your day time treatment.

    Overall thoughts:

    Both creams are fantastic, and have improved my skin making it look more even like I mentioned above. Plus there are no parabens, alcohol, and both products are cruelty free. If you're looking for a natural way to lighten skin discoloration, I highly recommend Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day, and Brown Spot Fade Cream for night.


    The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day retails on sale for $8.45 and the Brown Spot Fade Cream retails on sale for $7.80 and are both available for purchase on iherb dot com

    Have you tried any of Reviva Labs Skin Lightening products?

    Top 3 Affordable Color Correcting Makeup

    Color correcting makeup is what's trending in beauty. So today, I'm sharing my top 3 favorite affordable color correcting makeup that I use on a daily basis, and for special occasions.

    1.e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green:

    The e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green
    reduces the look of redness, and is perfect for anyone that has rosacea, or any redness on the face caused by acne, or acne scarring. Not only does it reduce the look of redness, but the e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green mattifies the skin leaving it feeling smooth, and oil free for hours. Retails for $6 in drugstores and e.l.f. dot com

    2. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Color Correcting Concealers:

    The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Color Correctors come in a 3 piece set and are perfect for concealing all of your imperfections. The green corrector cancels out redness, the orange minimizes the look of bluish tones, or dark circles, and the yellow is perfect for concealing, and brightening your skin. They also come with a brush tip applicator that makes it easy to apply. Blend with your favorite beauty sponge and you're ready for foundation. Retails for up to $10 on amazon dot com

    3. Wet n Wild CoverAll Color Correcting Palette:

    This small beauty gem covers it all! The Wet n Wild CoverAll Color Correcting Palette comes with 4 concealers that help brighten, neutralize, and highlight your facial features. Use the yellow or purple to conceal and help brighten dull looking skin. The green conceals redness, and the white is the most gorgeous pearly highlighter that is perfect to use on top of your cheeks, and bridge of nose. Retails for $4 at drugstores or wet n wild beauty dot com


    What are some of your favorite affordable color correcting makeup?