Makeup Revolution: Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette Review (YouTube)

September 07, 2016

The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 is a rose gold ultra blush palette that features 8 blushes in one sleek black mirrored case.


I was so excited to purchase the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette. I was eyeing it for a while, and when I saw that Ulta had it on sale for 25% off I decided it was time to buy it. I love rose gold and that's one of the reasons I purchased it, but also because I kept seeing so many swatches of it on Instagram. The palette is absolutely gorgeous, but it's not exactly what I hoped it would be. 

The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette comes with 2 matte/semi-matte blushes, and 6 highly pigmented baked blushes. The 2 matte/semi-matte blushes are not as pigmented, and when you apply them on to your cheeks you have to build up the color to get the color intensity you desire. Once you build up the color, your blush ends up looking patchy with your skin peaking through. It looks so uneven, and totally not cute.

As for the 6 baked blushes, they are so beautiful and highly pigmented. I definitely think that instead of Makeup Revolution calling them baked blushes, they should be called baked highlighters. They are amazing as highlighters, and you can even mix the colors together to get a unique highlight for your skin tone. Unlike the blushes, the baked "highlighters" apply evenly, and not patchy with the exception of one. The deeper more coppery shade does apply a bit patchy, and is difficult to blend once you apply it to your cheeks.

Here are swatches:

Aren't they gorgeous? I love the colors, but some of the colors like I mentioned above apply unevenly leaving your skin looking patchy. I definitely like to use the matte/satin-matte blushes and the coppery "highlighter" shade as eye shadows instead of using them on my cheeks.

Overall, I like the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette as highlighters, and not blushes. I will purchase more from the Makeup Revolution Brand, but I will definitely read online reviews, or watch reviews on YouTube to determine which product from their line I will try next.

The Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette retails for $10 and is available for purchase at Ulta.

What do you think of the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Ultra Blush Palette?

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